How Do Grey Water Recycling Systems Work?

Grey water is wastewater that has been produced at home, from laundering clothes, washing dishes, and bathing. It doesn’t include toilet waste, which is called black water or sewage, that contains a high organic loading.

Homeowners are now beginning to realise the benefits that is brought about by the grey water reuse. With proper treatment processes, you can put grey water to good use, such as for toilet flushing, laundry and watering of plants. After treatment, you can use grey water to irrigate food and non-food producing plants. Phosphorous, nitrogen and other nutrients found in grey water are great sources of food for the plants.

While grey water may have food particles, grease, hair and other impurities, it may still be suitable to be reused, to serve two purposes. One, is to reduce the amount of required fresh water by the household and two is to reduce the amount of wastewater that enters the sewer or the septic system. Therefore, investing time and money on the grey water recycling system will make reusing water a more convenient practice for you.

In Australia, there are a number of onsite grey water recycling systems that are offered for sale. Your state or council health department can advise you best, which system is accredited to your specific area. The treatment process may use chemical, mechanical and biological processes. The purification level of the water that results from these processes vary considerably, as their energy consumption and initial cost.

Generally, the biological grey water treatment consists of several steps, as follows:

  • Coarse filtration removes large particles and hair and prevent clogging.
  • Fine filtration and biological treatment to remove disease causing things, unwanted chemicals, such as salts and nutrients. The process used here is either chemical treatment or microorganisms.
  • Disinfection by ultraviolet light.

Grey Water Recycling SystemsEco Septic offers treatment system for grey water recycling. It is the most recent system of technological development that uses a mix of biological treatment and advanced membrane filtration and completed with ultraviolet disinfection. As the grey water enters the system through an inground collection pit or well, the system works on it. After treatment, the water that has been recycled is stored in a tank for reuse.

You may be wondering whether or not the grey water recycling system is worth the investment, the answer is Yes, it is. You will be able to do your share for the betterment of the environment. Also, if there is no concrete rainwater tank on your property, it is a great option to install a grey water treatment system.

If you live in the part of Australia that has always been affected by drought and you depend only on rainwater harvesting for your household’s supply of water, the grey water treatment system can make your situation easier. Simply, you pump it into your toilet or washing machine and you can save a huge amount of your drinking water.

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