Septic tanks are one of the most popular forms of wastewater treatment in Australia, and millions of homes across Australia use septic tanks to treat water. Septic tanks are a convenient and cost-effective way to clean wastewater before it leaves your property and returns to the water cycle. It’s possible to buy septic tanks from anywhere in the world, but at Eco-Septic, all of our septic tanks are Australian-made. Naturally, we think this is important – let’s explain why.

5 reasons to use Australian-made septic tanks

If you’re still on the fence about whether it’s really necessary to buy Australian-made septic tanks, let us give you 5 reasons to make sure that your septic tank is made by Australians and for Australians.

1. It’s eco-friendly

Our septic tanks are an eco-friendly option, and ordering Australian-made tanks is even better for the environment than shipping your tank in from overseas because it reduces the carbon footprint of your tank’s journey to you.

2. Support your local community

Buying Australian-made tanks is also the best way to support Australia’s local economy. Whether you buy tanks made in your own state or opt for tanks made slightly further afield, every dollar you spend on Australian-made tanks will bolster your local or national community.

3. Tanks made for Australian water systems

Australian-made septic tanks are made to meet national Australian regulations relating to the treatment and filtration of wastewater and sewage. If you buy an Australian-made tank, you can guarantee it’s going to do the job you want it to.

4. High-quality materials

When you buy a septic tank that’s made in Australia, it’s likely made from Australian-sourced materials that, again, meet Australian quality standards. Especially if you’re tempted to source a cheaper tank from countries that specialise in mass manufacturing, you might find that your cost savings are the result of poor quality materials and shortcuts that can lead to an increased likelihood of failure in the coming years.

5. Reduce future complications

Buying septic tanks made in Australia, by Australian manufacturers and using Australian parts, might mean it’s a lot easier to carry out repairs and maintenance on your septic tank in the future. If you buy a septic tank from overseas, you could end up spending more on repairs and upgrades in the future if local parts and materials aren’t compatible with your tank.

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