ENC10-1 Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) Domestic Model

The wastewater coming from households and commercial businesses should be treated in a manner that is appropriate for the purpose of being reused. Water is necessary commodity, so we should make it our responsibility to use some method of wastewater treatment, so that we can use it twice.

There are several types of wastewater treatment and the most common are the following:

  1. Septic tanks
  2. AWTS (aerated wastewater treatment systems)
  3. Biological filter systems
  4. (dry and wet) Composting toilet.

The AWTS is a treatment system; that is more advanced than the other types. The process that it uses; to decompose the solids is a combination of air and biological steps and for disinfection, it uses chlorine, to make the liquid safe for irrigation.

The AWTS ENC10-1 by ECO-SEPTIC is a modern wastewater treatment system that is composed of the following elements:

  1. A single concrete tank, with several chambers as listed below. Note that each chamber has its own part in each stage of the treatment process:

*  one anaerobic treatment chamber (primary)

*  one treatment chamber with aerators

*  settling chamber

*  disinfection unit (with chlorine as the disinfecting agent)

*  storage chamber with pump

  1. Power supply unit and audio-visual alarm
  2. Pipes and pumps, associated with the system

This single tank system will service a household of 10 people. We also have a twin tank system for greater capacity.

This is how the ENC10-1 treatment process operates:

Wastewater flows into the first treatment chamber (primary), where the liquid waste and sludge is treated, through anaerobic digestion, as they are settled and being deposited as a sediment.


Then the liquid flows on a small stream into the second treatment chamber; containing fixed filter media plates, below the level of the water. This is called the bio filter. The media plate is the base, where the micro-organisms grow and develop. Their oxygen supply is given through the diffusers or aerators, located at the bottom of the chamber. The micro-organisms oxidize and ingest the organic compounds, thereby treating the wastewater.

This wastewater that has been treated from the organic chamber; then flows through the settling chamber, where the solids that are dispersed, through the bulk of the fluid, settle under a dormant condition. This clarifies the effluent further. Settled sludge is suctioned to the primary inlet, by a short piece of narrow tube.

The liquid that has been treated from the settling chamber; goes into the next chamber, where it is disinfected, with a dose of chlorine agent.

Once it is done, the treated effluent is pumped to the irrigation field, at the rate 100 liters per pump run cycle. The frequency of the pump, run in a day, relies on the amount of wastewater that the household premises generates.



Energy Efficiency of the ENC10-1 AWTS

The ENC10-1 system requires a power supply of 240V AC, and it must have its own circuit breaker, clearly marked in the fuse box. At an energy demand of 2.2 Kw/h per day and considering that it runs 24 hours a day, the annual demand would be 800 Kw/h.

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