Best Septic Systems – Considerations For Commercial And Residential Use

Eco-Septic’s wastewater treatment systems have applications in the pre-treatment of wastewater in both commercial and residential settings. In both cases, they separate sludge, scum, and effluent to produce a resource that can be recycled time and time again. While the purpose of systems in both contexts are the same, and both deliver wastewater treatment outcomes with environmental and financial benefits, it is important for purchasers to first consider which septic system is most appropriate for their needs.

Eco-Septic recommends the use of concrete tanks in both residential and commercial settings, as they are generally the best septic systems due to their watertight and durable structure. It may also be easier to obtain permits for installation for standard concrete tanks, saving further time and costs. A key difference between the commercial and residential setting will be size and volume needs of customers. Concrete septic tanks also have the benefit of offering a diverse range in size and shape, which means that our team can work with you to select the right design for your property, whether it be for commercial or residential needs.

While it is true that there are many different septic tanks available and many installation providers, customers must keep in mind that poorly installed or low-quality septic tanks can lead to higher maintenance costs, leaks and potential pollution on your property and the surrounding environment. It is not often front of mind for customers when considering installing a tank, however, there are also regulations and standards which apply to their construction, positioning, and fitting.

Some of the benefits of meeting compliance standards include:

  • Essential to ensure waterways and properties are safeguarded from any unwarranted leaks
  • Ensure you are not hit with any unexpected fines or penalties. These fines and penalties can be significant, especially in the business context.


Concrete septic tank

The team at Eco-Septic are highly capable and qualified in installing the appropriate septic tank and wastewater treatment systems for both residential and commercial needs. Installation is undertaken in a manner to ensure safety and adherence to all regulations and standards and so, you as the customer, can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve used the best septic systems available on the market.

Just as correct structuring is important, so too is septic tank maintenance. All septic tanks must undergo maintenance up to every five-years; however, this period may vary depending on factors such as size and materials. Septic tanks that are not serviced adequately may allow for scum blankets to grow to be quite thick; for inlet and outlet pipes to become blocked; for sludge levels to increase and occupy volume of the tank and the walls of the tank to become impaired. Commercial tanks are also likely to be used more, and therefore, more regular maintenance may be needed.

For all these reasons and more, it is important to consult with Eco-Septic professionals to ensure an accurate and custom maintenance plan for your septic tank. If you like to find out more about Eco-Septic, Please Contact us today for a fast quote today. Visit us at or call us on 1800 808 135.

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