Australian Made Septic Tanks?

A septic tank is used to treat the sewage or wastewater, from residential or commercial buildings. The sewage flows into the septic tank through the sewage pipes. The tank is a sealed round container, where the sewage is broken down by bacteria present in the waste matter. The best fit for purpose tank is a concrete tank.

The design, production and installation of septic tanks are regulated by the local and state Governments, together with Department of Health and Environmental Protection agencies. The rules may vary between states and territories and may be outlined, within Codes of Practice and state that the tanks should always meet the Australian standards.

There is always the option of a small-scale wastewater treatment system, which is more expensive than the septic tanks. The new system works by pumping air into the tank, to produce an aerobic environment. Either way, both systems dispose of waste which is the primary objective.

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Many developments or areas do not have connections to the town sewer, and therefore require the use the septic system, as their method of treating and disposing the waste matter.

A residential septic tank usually; is made up of two round concrete tanks, with lids that can be lifted off for maintenance. The two tanks are positioned close to each other and connected by a piping.  Round concrete tanks are built in a factory and transported to the site, where they are to be installed.

Ecoseptic is an Australian company that is involved in the design, manufacture, and installation of septic tanks. The two separate tanks provide the dividing sections; the first one is two times larger than the second. We follow the local authorities’ regulations; that require septic tanks to be constructed and put in place in a particular manner, to current standards.

Before its use, the septic tank must be filled with water first; so that the bacteria can start acting. At this stage, the effluent is produced and is carried to the leach drain. The solid substance called sludge; accumulates at the bottom and eventually pumped out, for its disposal.

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If you are residing in an area that is not connected to a sewer; it is very likely that you have a septic system of your own and that you are experiencing the advantages that a septic tank provides:

*  Eco-friendly – as a septic system is not running through a sewer; it is less susceptible to leakage.  In addition, the pollution is also minimised, due to the filtration system in the tank.

*  Economical – Using a septic tank can save you money.

*  Low Maintenance – What the septic system needs is pumping every 3-5 years. Regular inspections and cleaning will help maintain your system in the most suitable manner.

*  Long Lasting – Septic tanks can last around 20 – 40 years, depending on how you use it.

Ecoseptic offers, in addition to installation of septic tanks, services, such as maintenance, pumping, pump repairs, drain cleaning, among others.

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