Are Septic Tanks Expensive to Maintain?

If you’re buying a house in a rural part of Australia, without a centralised sewer system, then you can more than likely expect that it has a septic tank on the property. This is an underground structure for wastewater treatment usually made of concrete, polyethylene or fiberglass. It uses natural methods combined, with proven technology in treating wastewater coming from household activities in the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen.

Typically, a septic tank system consists of a soil absorption field or a drain-field, and the septic tank. From one main drainage pipe, all liquid waste goes out of the house and fills in to a septic tank. Here, the wastewater will be held for much duration of time, as to allow the solids to sink to the bottom of the tank (sludge) and the grease and oil, float onto the top (scum). The tank has a T-shaped outlet and compartments that will prevent the liquid waste from going directly to the area of the drain-field.

Liquid waste-water called effluent, will then exit the cistern into the drain-field, through porous surfaces, where it is allowed, to get filtered, treated and ultimately discharged to the ground water. Your septic tank should be functioning optimally at all times, hence maintaining it properly is a must. When a septic system fails, you smell a foul odour. Along with this, the wastewater tends to back up into your household drains and there’s also pooling of water or muddy soil, around the septic tank. When you notice that your system is failing, call a septic professional like the Eco-Septic, to check and fix the problem.

Septic Tanks

If you’re curious about the cost of maintenance, then you can contact us to obtain details of our various maintenance packages. In relation to installing a new septic tank or replacing an old one, the prices can range from $5,000 to $10,000 for standard tank sizes. Of course, these costs are estimates only and we would need to carry out a full inspection to provide a more accurate cost. Routine service maintenance will free you from shelling out money on expensive repairs. Besides this, it will also create a living environment that is a healthy and safe.

If you have a steel tank, it will generally last for 15 – 20 years; while a concrete tank will serve you for 20+ years. The drain fields, with proper maintenance, may last for 20 years, though some could last a lot longer.

Maintaining a septic system will cost can be inexpensive and the work involves mere pumping and cleaning, which you should have done every 12 months. Compare this with the cost of repair or buying a new one and it will show that septic tanks are not expensive to maintain. Many homeowners defer hiring a maintenance service, not knowing that they can actually save money, if they work with a company like Eco-Septic.

When your septic system is properly maintained, you can enjoy clean, good, affordable and eco-friendly drainage, for the full period of your stay on the property. Then, when you decide to sell, your perfectly functioning septic tank will also add value to your property.

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