Are Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems Expensive to Operate?

The good old original septic tank did not need power to run (unless it needed to pump effluent up to a land application area) and would gravity feed to an absorption trench and did not need regular servicing. Septic tanks did require sludge to be pumped out periodically.

AWTS (Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems) are becoming more popular as the treatment process uses bacteria to break down solid waste along with aeration and chlorine disinfection treatment, delivering a higher and clearer standard of treated effluent to the land application area.

An AWTS will require sludge to be pumped out periodically as well. Your service technician will keep any eye on these levels and let you know when the tank requires the sludge to be pumped out.

Healthy Departments, The Environmental Protection Authority, Water Catchment Authorities and/or Council require AWTS to be serviced every 3 months/4 times per year. Pricing does vary due to the size/type and location of the system.

An annual contract/4services for a standard domestic system is between $340.00-$550.00. It is now quite common to have a commercial size system on a property due to dual occupancies being connected to a single system or larger homes being built. Annual servicing charges for a commercial system may be higher.

Your service technician is to check on the following at every service:

Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Air Pump/Water Pump (filter/pressure)
  • Replenish the supply of Chlorine tablets.
  • Free Chlorine
  • PH levels
  • Water clarity
  • The condition of internal pipes/components
  • Electrical

Other working items in a AWTS are pumps and aerations blowers and these may be required to be replaced at some time.

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